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Illinois 1201 Allanson Road Mundelein, IL 60060
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Are you Quiet Quitting?

There is a term circulating the internet as of late and that is the concept of “Quiet Quitting,” with professional publications offering their own opinions on the validity of the concept. The term originated on social media platforms like Tik Tok and has made it onto the labor narratives with full force.

The term, at its core, refers to boundaries set between a person’s professional and personal life, where the employee does the tasks required of them, but not enough to be considered going the extra mile. The employee is not necessarily quitting their job, but they have since stopped going beyond in performing their tasks.

Most businesses are quick to condemn this mentality to separate the “bad apples” from the workers loyal to the craft. It can be used to identify the slackers and the lazy workers in their departments. The problem with this line of thinking reduces the behavior of people who do not want to work anymore and not to the underlying issues in the workplace.

Here at Larsen, our company and its employees are responsible for conducting themselves with uncompromising truth and integrity, with minor differences between business ethics and those of a personal nature. Larsen values those who are true to themselves and the work that they do, and we hope all our employees exemplify this at all levels of the industry. We encourage an open line of communication at all levels of the company to avoid any mistakes within the manufacturing process.

Whether or not people believe the term “Quiet Quitting” is indeed a phenomenon worth discussing, it is important to identify the conditions that lead workers into this mentality. We strive to have workers that give their all for the company, but not for the sake of the person’s health, be it physical or mental. The reason workers are quick to adopt these terms can be traced back to a tight labor market and a wave of post-pandemic fatigue, but we will never be able to definitively solve all the problems that arise in the workplace instantly.

The way to properly combat worker’s fatigue begins with realistic expectations in the workplace. Everyone wants to have a clear work-life balance set in place to not overwhelm themselves with their jobs. The necessity of an open line of communication during department meetings is the first step in resolving underlying problems at hand. “Quiet Quitting” is the result of poor management and requires cooperation between managers and employees to correct the work environment at its core.

The way to spot a “Quiet Quitter” is by seeing if an employee’s behavior has changed, if they have resigned themselves to only their work without the added vigor, and if they have declined to take on any new tasks in their role. Rather than thinking of their termination, see if there is a way to salvage the relationship between the worker and employee by asking these questions:

· Does your employee know what the company’s vision is?

· What major milestones is the company trying to meet?

· Do your employees know the purpose of their work?

The list can go on and on. It is essential that employees understand the importance of the work that they are doing, as well as the impact they have in the greater scheme of things. If an employee is reminded of their purpose on the job, it will provide the motivation to revitalize their career. Issues arise when employees feel uncomfortable talking to management about certain problems for fear of jeopardizing their positions or the belittlement of their feelings. Knowing your employees will give you a better understanding of the professional boundaries they want to set and where both of you can meet in the middle. Larsen is a place where we try to maintain a position as a leader in the manufacturing world, but also as a place where we create an environment of growth and opportunity.

Larsen’s vision:

Our vision at Larsen is to be the most trusted provider of precision metal manufacturing and technologies. We strive to ensure we offer the very best in quality, ingenuity, and value excellence by working hand in hand with our customers to build long-lasting strategic partnerships.

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