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Illinois 1201 Allanson Road Mundelein, IL 60060
Texas12150 Rojas Drive Suite E El Paso, TX 79936

Larsen Manufacturing had the ability to provide powder coat painting for customers who require painted metal parts and assemblies. We are able to…

The Latest in ECO Friendly Powder Coating - Go GREEN

The Latest In ECO Friendly Powder Coating Processing - Go GREEN

Powder Coating Division

  • Larsen has recently added in house Powder Coating to its list of full-service offerings. Our system is ECO-Friendly (no iron phosphates used) and produces excellent product quality.
  • With this addition of Powder Costing service, Larsen is once again working to support a complete “Dock To Stock” mentality for its customers.
  • Let Larsen handle your powder coating opportunity today!

Powder Coating - 101

  • We apply powder paint to metal parts using electrostatic guns that positively charge the powder, causing it to adhere to the negatively charged grounded metal parts
  • After the powder is applied, the coated parts are transferred from the powder application station to the curing oven. The temperature and time required for curing depends on the mass and thickness of the parts
  • This process results in a finish that is extremely durable. A cured powder coated part appears to have been “dipped” in very high gloss paint, and this finish protects the part against scratching, chipping, rusting, and contact with chemicals or weather elements
  • Powder coat finish is consistent and uniform, as the applying of powder electrostatically eliminates the risk of color running, streaking, or dripping marks on the finished product

Any Color, Texture, And Finish

  • We can accommodate any color, finish texture, and powder thickness specific to the performance spec needed for the part. Whether the powder coated part or assembly will be used indoor in a lab, enduring outdoor weather elements, or under the sea, we can produce to the required performance specs
  • We offer quick-turn color change and color matching
  • We have partnerships with top powder manufacturers – this allows us to accommodate both custom color and off the shelf powder needs

Advanced System & Process

  • We powder coat in a clean room environment as the finish quality of your part is our top priority. Our application process is computer controlled and offers no opportunity for contamination
  • Our system contains a true 5-stage wash system and automated curing oven, as well as energy efficient motors and burners to optimize cost for customers

Quality Control Excellence

  • We can perform up to 8 different measures of quality control on every order to guarantee you are receiving the highest quality coating job
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified – the highest standards available!

Larsen - Your Full Service Solution

  • Combined with our metal manufacturing capabilities, in-house powder coating contributes to Larsen’s full-service solution
  • Let us manage the production of your part or assembly from “Dock to Stock”.
  • Post Assembly Requirements
  • Some examples:
    – Adding labels
    – Assembly of components they do in their plant after powder coating
    – Any electronics
    – Special packaging
    — Adding in, data or specification requirements.

Part Specifications

Up to 36” long, 30” wide, and 42” high, weighing up to 75 lbs. per conveyor foot

Some size flexibility – Need Technical Advice?

Require Technical Information

Powder Specifications

Larsen uses only high quality powder

Our Main Powder Suppliers:

Sherwin Williams
Protech / Trimite

Wash System Specifications

5 Stage Wash System

1. Chemical Wash – a liquid, phosphate-free, multi-metal, alkaline cleaner for spray and agitated immersion applications.
2. R.O. Rinse
3. Chemical Pre-Treatment – a zirconium-based advanced pretreatment process that coats multiple substrates by spray or immersion
4. R.O. Rinse
5. Optional: R.O. virgin rinse (Halo Rinse)

Quality Inspection Procedures

Appearance Test
Cross Hatch Test
MEK Test
Pencil Test
Bend Test
Gloss Test
Impact Test
Paint Thickness Test

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