Illinois 1201 Allanson Road Mundelein, IL 60060
Texas12150 Rojas Drive Suite E El Paso, TX 79936
Illinois 1201 Allanson Road Mundelein, IL 60060
Texas12150 Rojas Drive Suite E El Paso, TX 79936

2023 at Larsen Manufacturing: A Year in Review

As 2023 winds to a close, we’d like to reflect back on the past year and our key accomplishments. Ultimately, the trials and triumphs we experienced have not only benefitted our customers, but have helped Larsen become a better company. Here are some major achievements that make us proud:

Expansion Offerings

Although Larsen Tella was acquired at the end of 2022, the added services and expansion were implemented throughout 2023. As we integrated the two companies, we gained extra machining capabilities, press tonnage and a larger geographical footprint. In addition to increasing our capacity, it also better serves our customers.

Company Rebranding

With Tella Tool & Mfg. operating as Larsen Tella LLC, we started 2023 by rebranding Larsen Mfg and Larsen Tella into one cohesive organization. Positioning each entity as a full-service enterprise offering every aspect of the manufacturing process. This allows Larsen to tap into new markets in the tool and die industry, while providing additional value to our customers. From logos to business cards, brochures to the new Larsen Tella website, everything has been updated with a solid look and message to project the strength and full force of the company.

Improved Rankings in the Industry

We moved up in the FAB40 rankings from #18 in 2022, to #17 in 2023, and we are overwhelmingly proud! Our efforts and approach, our work as a unified team, from CEO to CNC operator, have made this possible. Our achievements have inspired us to continue along the same path as we look forward to placing higher next year.

Added New Machinery

Our Mundelein location Stamping Department added an 800 ton, large bed (192”) straight side stamping press. We’ve worked hard to set up the equipment, and it’s now ready for production. With this new addition, Larsen now has an even greater capacity to offer larger progressive dies in Mundelein.

Growing Our Team

This has been a great year for Larsen and its staff. We’ve added numerous top-rated people, in every department, who are committed to our standard of excellence. With every quality product, our team members play key roles in driving our company’s growth. Our dedicated staff show up every day and contribute to making Larsen what it is today.


We are excited to announce the relocation of our Larsen Tella facility from Lombard to Mundelein. The new lease has been signed and the new building is being prepared for the move in 2024. More details to come.

It’s been a momentous year at Larsen for setting demanding goals, and achieving them. We can see that our hard work and commitment to quality have made a big impact in the metal manufacturing arena, and an even bigger one in how Larsen is positioned as a major player in the industry. There’s no stopping us now!

We look forward to more growth, expanded services and a stronger company in 2024.

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